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The devil's ivy is a popular houseplant, largely due to the way in which it cleans the air. In newly-renovated homes, the devil's ivy has been shown to absorb benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde, although you cannot rely on the plant alone to remove all harmful gases from a room. Nevertheless, they have tenacious vitality, and can quickly convert formaldehyde into sugars or amino acids, while decomposing any benzene emitted by photocopiers and printers, making it no surprise that this plant is often seen in homes and offices.

Devil's ivy of Araceae is an evergreen vine with many branches on a climbing stem. The thin, bright, leathery leaves are mostly asymmetric and heart-shaped. It is a popular indoor foliage plant because of its beautiful shape, simple cultivation, and easy maintenance.


Happiness, good fortune, determination to achieve one's goals, wealth.

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